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Theatre Review of Once, the Musical by Sheena Lambert

Review of Once, the Musical for www.writing.ie by Sheena Lambert www.sheenalambertauthor.com This is writing.ie, and so even the theatre reviews generally focus on the writing side of things, but an...

07 July 2017. https://www.writing.ie/readers/theatre-review-of-once-the-musical-by-sheena-lambert/

Sheena Lambert on Conor McPherson’s The Weir

Sheena Lambert recently went to see Conor McPherson’s The Weir at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin – produced by Decadent Theatre Company and Verdant Productions. Here are her thoughts ....

23 February 2017. https://www.writing.ie/readers/sheena-lambert-on-conor-mcphersons-the-weir/

Sheena Lambert On Theatre and Harold Pinter’s ‘The Birthday Party’

Sheena Lambert recently went to see Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party for Writing.ie. Here are her thoughts… Harold Pinter would like me. Like Pinter, I too would describe myself as...

01 June 2016. https://www.writing.ie/guest-blogs/sheena-lambert-on-theatre-and-harold-pinters-the-birthday-party/

Dalkey Creates: Why Workshops Work by Sheena Lambert

I have a very particular memory of the Dalkey Creates writing festival that was held for the first time in October 2014 in the pretty seaside town of Dalkey, County...

03 October 2015. https://www.writing.ie/guest-blogs/dalkey-creates-why-workshops-work-by-sheena-lambert/

The Lake by Sheena Lambert

Ireland, 1975. A body has been found at the edge of a lake which covers a forgotten village. Under the calm waters lie ruins and secrets. The corpse has obviously...

20 March 2015. https://www.writing.ie/readers/the-lake-by-sheena-lambert/

A Killer Read: Sheena Lambert on The Lake

I had never planned to be a writer. I wasn’t even that big of a reader in my youth. I didn’t study English in college, and I wasn’t editor of...

19 March 2015. https://www.writing.ie/interviews/crime/a-killer-read-sheena-lambert-on-the-lake/

Making the Most of Open Rehearsed Play Readings by Sheena Lambert

It’s amazing what can be right under your nose without you knowing it’s there. I’ll admit that I only became aware of the practice of open rehearsed play readings recently,...

18 February 2015. https://www.writing.ie/resources/making-the-most-of-open-rehearsed-play-readings-by-sheena-lambert/

Irish Author Sheena Lambert Killer Reads Debut

HarperFiction is delighted to announce that Killer Reads, their new digital-first crime and thriller list, has made its first acquisitions through their open submission process which gave talented aspiring authors...

05 February 2015. https://www.writing.ie/news/irish-author-sheena-lambert-killer-reads-debut/

Sheena Lambert on Expliterature

My heart sank standing in the aisles at Tesco the other day, and no, it had nothing to do with horses. I was actually standing in the book aisle.  And...

02 May 2013. https://www.writing.ie/news/sheena-lambert-on-expliterature/

Alberta Clipper by Sheena Lambert

Alberta Clipper is a sweet modern romance set in present day Dublin. It is told from the point of view of two characters: Christine, a meteorologist working for an investment...

01 January 2013. https://www.writing.ie/readers/alberta-clipper-by-sheena-lambert/