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A Writer’s Room: Alana Kirk

Where I write – from dreams to reality. When I first started to write, I remember looking around my house wondering where my ambition would sit amongst the baby toys,...

20 December 2018. https://www.writing.ie/resources/a-writers-room-alana-kirk/

Expanding Your Earning Potential by Alana Kirk

For many authors-in-waiting, getting a publishing deal is seen as the pinnacle. But as many authors-in-print know, the book is merely the climbing frame. I think it’s fair to say...

11 September 2018. https://www.writing.ie/resources/expanding-your-earning-potential-by-alana-kirk/

Writing Wisdom by Alana Kirk

2016 is being hailed as a year to forget but for Irish writing it was one to remember. The year ended at the BGE Book Awards where some unforgettable books...

20 February 2017. https://www.writing.ie/resources/writing-wisdom-by-alana-kirk/

Life Writing – Alana Kirk, Jane McKenna and Andrea Hayes

Memoir – or life writing – is becoming an increasingly popular genre. Gone are the days when only politicians and sports people wrote about aspects of their lives; now anyone...

02 February 2017. https://www.writing.ie/interviews/life-writing-alana-kirk-jane-mckenna-and-andrea-hayes/

Alana Kirk on The Sandwich Years

Sometimes we write about what we know. And sometimes what we know – and experience – leads us to writing. And sometimes it’s not what you ever expected to write...

16 January 2017. https://www.writing.ie/interviews/alana-kirk-on-the-sandwich-years/

Learning from A Master: Niall William’s Workshop by Alana Kirk

Some books grab us with plot, while others seduce us with connection, littered with words that seep through our skin and into our minds where they nestle for a while....

06 December 2016. https://www.writing.ie/resources/learning-from-a-master-niall-williams-workshop-by-alana-kirk/

Creativity Collateral: Tyrone Guthrie by Alana Kirk

Can creativity be taught?  I don’t know.  But can it seep under your skin and and filter into your mind by sheer osmosis?  I think so. Certainly at Tyrone Guthrie...

09 November 2016. https://www.writing.ie/resources/creativity-collateral-tyrone-guthrie-by-alana-kirk/

Memoir: Why Fact is Stranger Than Fiction by Alana Kirk

The wonderful Nora Ephron summed it up beautifully when she said in one of the essays from her memoir I Hate my Neck: “ I can’t believe how real life...

24 October 2016. https://www.writing.ie/resources/memoir-why-fact-is-stranger-than-fiction-by-alana-kirk/

Promoting Your Book: Why Writing The End is Only the Start by Alana Kirk

Your word count is high. ‘The End’ is written. And you may have even danced a little jig of celebration.  You’ve signed off on the cover and you’ve finally, finally...

12 September 2016. https://www.writing.ie/resources/promoting-your-book-why-writing-the-end-is-only-the-start-by-alana-kirk/

Alana Kirk

03 August 2016. https://www.writing.ie/member-authors/alana-kirk/