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Young Irelanders; New Voices in a New Ireland
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Post-gay-marriage referendum we are all getting used to the strange and wonderful feeling of living in a nation which, instead of repressing diversity, celebrates it and honours it and indeed...

The Hennessy Book of Irish Fiction 2005-2015 by Eileen Casey
Posted by Eileen Casey in > Anthology

A book launch is mostly an enjoyable event, similar in many ways to the birth of a new life. Hot from the press, a book, like the fresh faced new...

Finding Love on the Road
Posted by Sam Trunam in > Anthology

When Anisha told me that she’d paid to enter a writing contest run by Glimmer Train, I thought to myself, ‘Why don’t I do that?’ I was editing articles at...

The Little Book of Christmas Memories
Posted by Liberties Press in > Anthology

Liberties Press in association with Golden Ireland has launched The Little Book of Christmas Memories. Nostalgic, heart-warming, and festively fun, The Little Book of Christmas Memories is an uplifting collection...

The Story Behind ‘Beyond the Stars’ by Sarah Webb
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Beyond the Stars is unique. It’s a collection of twelve short stories for children, written by some of the top names in children’s books – current Irish Children’s Laureate, Eoin...

Life Here Below: Michael J. Farrell on Writing
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I started writing sometime between ages three and forty depending on how you define writing, and my process has been evolving to this day. I came late to fiction because...

Meet Tramp Press
Posted by Christian Cooney in > Anthology > Interviews

Founded by Lisa Coen and Sarah Davis-Goff in 2013, Tramp Press aims, in their own words, “to find, nurture and publish exceptional literary talent”. There is something refreshing about this approach....

Winning a Deal For a Book of Stories: SaltWater
Posted by Lane Ashfeldt in > Anthology > Interviews

The deal I have is for a single book of stories with hardworking Dublin independent, Liberties Press – who could not love a publisher with a name like Liberties Press?...

The Writing Process: Billy O’Callaghan
Posted by Billy O'Callaghan in > Anthology > Interviews

I love short stories and can’t go a day without reading at least one. My shelves are crammed with collections that I’ve been hoarding since my teens, books by household...

Making Stories: Geraldine Mills on Hellkite
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Richard Ford says in his great introduction to The New Granta Book of American Short Stories,  that the short story wants to give us something big but wants to do...