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Creating a Hook: Little Bones by Sam Blake
Posted by in > Crime

With my Inkwell/Writing.ie hat on (and with my other name) one of the key points I highlight at every single publishing workshop is that a book needs to start with...

Do Not Give Up On Your Publication Dreams by Catherine Ryan Howard
Posted by Catherine Ryan Howard in > Crime

I’ll be honest: when I was asked to write a feature for Writing.ie to celebrate the publication of Distress Signals, I struggled to come up with a topic. I’ve been...

Getting the Pace Right: The Last Days of Summer by Vanessa Ronan
Posted by in > Crime

When I first began writing, pacing was the last thing on my mind. You see, I wrote poetry for many years, the occasional short story. I was more worried about...

What the Book Deal Moment Really Feels Like by Corrie Jackson
Posted by Corrie Jackson in > Crime

I barely even registered my ‘book deal moment’. Let me explain. 2015 was an insane year. Insane. Picture the scene: I’m living in Los Angeles with my husband and son,...

How Tall Oaks Grew: Chris Whitaker
Posted by Chris Whitaker in > Crime

A few minutes ago the postman knocked on my door and delivered a proof copy of Tall Oaks. A few years ago I hadn’t written the opening line, and I...

Becoming a Writer by Katerina Diamond
Posted by Katerina Diamond in > Crime

I always loved to write poetry as a child but writing stories was not something I ever had the confidence to do. I was an avid reader and I always...

Bringing ‘Sisters and Lies’ to the Shelf by Bernice Barrington
Posted by in > Crime

I have been writing all my life. At school I wrote long, rambling essays that no doubt drove my teachers batty and I even ‘published’ a school magazine aged eleven....

PTSD to Publication by Matt Johnson
Posted by Matt Johnson in > Crime

Many years ago, as I sat trying to explain symptoms and experiences to a PTSD counsellor, I experienced what many people in similar situations go though – raw emotion. A...

Kate McQuaile on Getting Published & ‘What She Never Told Me’
Posted by Kate McQuaile in > Crime

Two years ago, I mentioned to a friend that I was writing a novel. ‘Me neither,’ he said. I laughed. But today that novel, What She Never Told Me, is...

Try Not To Breathe: Holly Seddon
Posted by Susan Condon in > Crime

Holly Seddon is a freelance journalist whose work has been published on national newspaper websites, magazines and leading consumer websites. Try Not To Breathe is her debut novel and has...