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Kate McQuaile on Getting Published & ‘What She Never Told Me’
Posted by Kate McQuaile in > Crime

Two years ago, I mentioned to a friend that I was writing a novel. ‘Me neither,’ he said. I laughed. But today that novel, What She Never Told Me, is...

Try Not To Breathe: Holly Seddon
Posted by Susan Condon in > Crime

Holly Seddon is a freelance journalist whose work has been published on national newspaper websites, magazines and leading consumer websites. Try Not To Breathe is her debut novel and has...

Keeping It ‘Dead Secret’ With Ava McCarthy
Posted by Ava McCarthy in > Crime > Interviews

Back in the day, I studied Physics and Nuclear Medicine, and started a career as a Medical Physicist. Then I switched and went to work for the London Stock Exchange....

Writing or Cage Fighting? Break the Rules ; Frankie Gaffney on Dublin Seven
Posted by in > Crime > Interviews

Whenever I’m asked to offer advice for budding authors I think of two things. First, I wonder why being a writer always seems to prompt this question. Conor McGregor isn’t...

Blood Sisters: Graham Masterton Talks to Susan Condon
Posted by in > Crime > Interviews

According to Peter James, Graham Masterton is “one of the most original and frightening storytellers of our time.” And who could disagree? Masterton was a bestselling horror writer who has...

The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Hidden Legacy by G.J. Minett
Posted by G.J. Minett in > Crime

Nothing prepares you for publication. Nothing. You think you can guess what it will feel like but that’s all you’re doing. You’re guessing. And however fertile your imagination might be,...

How ‘Stasi Child’ Was Born by David Young
Posted by in > Crime

  I have a confession to make. I’m a bit of an obsessive. I once got so obsessed with sailing I bought all the yachting magazines as soon as they...

Andrea Carter on How it Happened: Death at Whitewater Church
Posted by in > Crime

It was summer, and it was raining. I was standing in a marquee at an Arts Council ‘do’ in Merrion Square surrounded by people I didn’t know, all of whom...

Those We Left Behind: Stuart Neville
Posted by in > Crime

My eyes scan the luxurious Westin Hotel’s, Atrium Lounge in Dublin and land on the bearded guy in the corner, dressed in black. If it wasn’t for the fact that...

How Do You Know You’re Getting it Right? Susan Stairs on The Boy Between
Posted by in > Crime

There were times while I was writing The Boy Between when I questioned what I was doing. There I was, day after day, secreted in my writing room, immersed in...