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The Lures of Narrative by Frank Golden
Posted by in > Crime > Poets

Poetry defined me or helped me to define myself– the very basic desire to encode what I felt, register what I knew, reflect and discharge complexities I was daunted by,...

Giving the Victim a Voice: Niamh O’Connor on the Graham Dwyer Trial
Posted by Niamh O'Connor in > Crime

I worked as a crime reporter for twenty years, but when I went to the Graham Dwyer trial on the first day of evidence in January – it was to...

Alex Barclay on Killing Ways
Posted by Alex Barclay in > Crime > Interviews

I write a crime series featuring bipolar FBI agent, Ren Bryce. Each book has been written because of a central crime that has inspired me, but the same theme runs through...

A Killer Read: Sheena Lambert on The Lake
Posted by in > Crime

I had never planned to be a writer. I wasn’t even that big of a reader in my youth. I didn’t study English in college, and I wasn’t editor of...

Ghosting the Dead: ‘Numb’ by Louis La Roc
Posted by Louis La Roc in > Crime

There is much controversy about this book – is it a ghost written memoir or a work of fiction? Here ‘Louis La Roc’ puts his case: I write in the...

RTE The Today Show Winner: Marked Off. From the Beginning
Posted by Don Cameron in > Crime > Interviews

I was wondering how to begin this article and it wasn’t until I heard a Talking Heads song Once In A Lifetime that I had a suitable start. When David...

Missing, Presumed…by Alan Bailey: Relationships & Alibis
Posted by Alan Bailey in > Crime > Interviews

Between 1993 and 1998, six Irish women, ranging in age from eighteen to twenty eight, disappeared. The area in which these disappearances occurred became publicly referred to as ‘The Vanishing...

City of Dis by David Butler
Posted by David Butler in > Crime > Interviews

Two years ago, in the run up to the launch of The Judas Kiss (New Island, 2012), I was invited by guest-blogger Louise Phillips to write a piece on this...

Beyond Harm’s Reach: Susan Condon Meets Alex Barclay
Posted by Susan Condon in > Crime > Interviews

Alex Barclay is the author of several bestselling thrillers. Her first novel, Darkhouse, was a Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller while third novel, Blood Runs Cold (the beginning of the...

Envy and Hope, Memoir and Murder by Andrew Nugent
Posted by Andrew Nugent in > Crime > Interviews

I wrote a chapter titled A Dangerous Hope in Declan Burke’s Down These Green Streets – Irish Crime writing in the 21st century (Liberties Press) which will tell you some...