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Stuart Neville Talks Ratlines & The Enemy Within
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in > Crime > Interviews

Stuart Neville’s debut novel, The Twelve (published in the USA as The Ghosts of Belfast), won the Mystery/Thriller category of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and was picked as...

‘Red Ribbons’ Author Louise Phillips on Getting Into the Killer’s Head
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in > Crime > Interviews

Louise Phillps is the newest voice on the Irish crime writing scene, and if inital responses to her debut psychological thriller Red Ribbons are anything to go by, she’s a name to...

Declan Burke Releases Slaughter’s Hound
Posted by Louise Phillips in > Crime > Interviews

This week sees the publication of the Slaughter’s Hound, the latest novel by Irish book award nominated crime writer Declan Burke, who has published three previous novels: Eight Ball Boogie (2003), The Big O (2007),...

Nimah O’Connor is Too Close for Comfort
Posted by Louise Phillips in > Crime > Interviews

When you think of Niamh O’Connor, you think Successful Crime Novelist, you think True Crime Editor of the Sunday World, you think of someone who interviews high-profile criminals and their...

A June of Ordinary Murders, Conor Brady
Posted by Vanessa Baker in > Crime > Interviews

After forty years as a journalist, former Irish Times editor Conor Brady published his first piece of fiction earlier this year, a crime novel titled A June of Ordinary Murders. The...

Threaten to Win: Brian O’Connor
Posted by Sam Blake in > Crime > Interviews

When you meet Brian O’Connor he seems like a gentle, mild mannered chap, but when it comes to his opinions, think cat and pigeons. The Irish Times racing correspondent writes...

133 Rejections to Get Published
Posted by Laurence O'Bryan in > Crime > Interviews

My first novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, a real mystery, has recently been released by Avon a division of Harper Collins. So far, it will be published in 14 countries. More will...

Jane Casey – The Reckoning
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in > Crime > Interviews

There is something serene about Jane Casey that utterly belies the darkness of the books she writes. Brought up in Dublin, Casey is elegant and cultured, her Irish accent subtle....

Arlene Hunt’s The Chosen
Posted by Julie Murphy in > Crime > Interviews

Arlene Hunt is an Irish author who has made her mark firmly on the Irish crime writing scene with six best sellers. I caught up with her just before the launch...

Colin Bateman, Criminally Funny
Posted by Kevin Massey in > Crime > Interviews

In these gloomy times, we can all do with something that is guaranteed to give us a laugh, a hearty chuckle or an incapacitating fit of giggles.  Colin Bateman’s books...