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The Abandoned by Sharon Thompson
Posted by Sharon Thompson in > Crime > Interviews

I’m excited. My debut crime novel, The Abandoned, is published by a leading crime publisher Bloodhound Books. I’m also nervous because I’m now asked how I got here and what...

My Writer’s Journey: Wormwood by Larry Enmon
Posted by Larry Enmon in > Crime > Interviews

In 2002, I retired from the Secret Service. No, no, not Her Majesty’s Secret Service—the United States Secret Service. Unlike our namesake in Britain, the U.S. Secret Service is a...

Use What You Have: Crossed Out by Malcolm Hollingdrake
Posted by Malcolm Hollingdrake in > Crime > Interviews

‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.’ Arthur Ashe. ‘You are never too old’, contradicts beautifully the idiom, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!’...

The Road to Publication is Filled with Serendipity by A.B. Morgan
Posted by A.B. Morgan in > Crime > Interviews

“Alison, what is your background as far as writing is concerned?” the lady in the corner asked during the book launch for A Justifiable Madness. I had anticipated this question...

From Screenplay to Novel: Cargo by J.C. Macek lll
Posted by J.C. Macek lll in > Crime > Interviews

While any writer not born with that proverbial spoon in their mouths will tell you that getting published is never easy nor guaranteed, the road to publishing Cargo took turns that...

How Did I Get Here? Close to Home by Cara Hunter
Posted by Cara Hunter in > Crime > Interviews

Close to Home was born on a beach. In the Caribbean, in November 2014, to be precise. I’ve always been a huge reader of crime fiction and never more so...

The World of Tom Wilde: Nucleus by Rory Clements
Posted by Rory Clements in > Crime > Interviews

I have a passion for thrillers. I love reading about men and women facing the ultimate test under fire – and I love writing about them. It must be in...

My Journey to Publication: The Missing Ones by Patricia Gibney
Posted by Patricia Gibney in > Crime > Interviews

Life can throw you some curve balls and you either drop them or catch them and run with them. My journey into writing was particularly curvaceous but rather than catching...

My Path to Publication: Games with the Dead by James Nally
Posted by James Nally in > Crime > Interviews

Recently, my publisher Avon celebrated its 10th birthday and invited us authors to mark the milestone at a swanky ‘do’ in London’s West End (well swanky by my standards). I...

My Path to Publication: Know Me Now by CJ Carver
Posted by C.J. Carver in > Crime > Interviews

People assume that since I’m a published author with ten books under my belt and translated into over sixteen languages, that I must have wanted to be a writer from...