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How to know you’re funny: If We’re Not Married by Thirty by Anna Bell

As a romantic comedy writer I’ve got two main goals with my book: to make my readers swoon along with the budding romance and to make them laugh. Sounds easy...

The Reckoning by Clár Ní Chonghaile
Posted by Clár Ní Chonghaile in > General Fiction > Interviews

Travelling back in time only to end up in the same place. When I decided to write the story of Lina Rose, the heroine of The Reckoning, I knew I...

Writing about what I know well: Pilgrim by Louise Hall
Posted by Louise Hall in > General Fiction > Interviews

Fiction has always been my first love. I always wanted to write a novel. It was one of those things I said as a teenager to my closest friend, way...

The Saturday Girls by Elizabeth Woodcraft
Posted by Elizabeth Woodcraft in > General Fiction > Interviews

When I was 12 I began keeping a diary, a proper diary, a half page entry every day, recording the extraordinary events of my life. It was 1963. I had...

Future Popes of Ireland by Darragh Martin
Posted by Darragh Martin in > General Fiction > Interviews

Future Popes of Ireland began as procrastination. I wasn’t supposed to be writing a novel about popes. I wasn’t even supposed to be writing a novel. In the summer of...

The Great Unexpected by Dan Mooney
Posted by Dan Mooney in > General Fiction > Interviews

Telling people about The Great Unexpected is difficult for two reasons. Firstly, in many ways it’s a very personal story. I’ve borrowed from the lives and deaths of both of...

Grace After Henry by Eithne Shortall
Posted by Eithne Shortall in > General Fiction > Interviews

In these hazy days that follow the publication of my second novel, I find myself telling people how it came together relatively quickly and without much difficulty. “Grace After Henry?”...

Her Mother’s Daughter by Alice Fitzgerald
Posted by Alice Fitzgerald in > General Fiction > Interviews

I still have to remind myself that my life-long dream is actually coming true: my book is getting published. In the everyday running around of errands and motherhood, it’s hard...

Let’s Talk About Six by Áine Toner
Posted by Áine Toner in > General Fiction > Interviews

Words are my currency. As editor of Woman’s Way magazine for the last nine years, I’m surrounded by sentences, headlines, puns (I love a pun) and the most important of...

A Raid on the Inarticulate: A Lost Tribe by William King
Posted by William King in > General Fiction > Interviews

Commenting on his book, An tOileánach, Tomás O’Crohan said at the turn of the last century: ‘I have done my best to set down the character of the people about...