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Reclaiming Your Life by Claudia Carroll
Posted by Claudia Carroll in > General Fiction > Interviews

“That one would live in one of your ears and rent the other one out in flats.” Did you ever hear that phrase? Did you ever have someone in your...

#WritersWise for Great Writing Tips!

#WritersWise is THE place on twitter for discussing everything writing-wise. Founded by Dr Liam Farrell and Sharon Thompson, #WritersWise provides a forum for writers and aspiring writers to exchange ideas...

New Ways to Story: The Museum of Cathy by Anna Stothard
Posted by Anna Stothard in > Anthology > General Fiction

  Months before beginning to write The Museum of Cathy, I gutted my chaotic London flat. I drove bags of tat to the rubbish dump and Oxfam, but everything precious...

Herta Feely on Saving Phoebe Murrow
Posted by Herta Feely in > General Fiction

Once my first novel, The Trials of Serra Blue, had received two substantial fellowships—the James Jones First Novel Fellowship and an artist in literature fellowship from the DC Commission on...

Words May Not Be Enough by Kevin Sullivan
Posted by Kevin Sullivan in > General Fiction

Kevin Sullivan reported from Asia for fourteen years before returning to Europe. He has written several novels that make use of his experience as a journalist. The Longest Winter published...

What We Didn’t Say: Rory Dunlop
Posted by Rory Dunlop in > General Fiction

Rory Dunlop studied Classics at Oxford and worked as a teacher and journalist before being called to the Bar. He spent a year in Strasbourg, writing judgments for the European...

A Gap in the Bookshelf by Catherine Banner

How a preoccupation with the untold stories of small-town Europe became, unexpectedly, a novel There’s a sentence that Toni Morrison once wrote, which I love because it captures for me...

I Could *Never* Do That – Not Me by Lesley Allen
Posted by Lesley Allen in > General Fiction > Women's Fiction

It’s a weird thing, this book-writing business, isn’t? I’d always been in awe of people who write fiction. Since I first fell in love with books, way back when I...

Looking to Sign The Next Big Thing? New Voices to Watch in 2016
Posted by in > General Fiction

We’re all about new talent and helping writers grow at Writing.ie – at the start of the year we brought you news of some exciting books heading for the shelves,...

Clár Ní Chonghaile: Fractured
Posted by Clár Ní Chonghaile in > General Fiction

As a journalist, I’m an editor’s worst nightmare. I’ve never met a word limit I didn’t take with a shovel of salt. I’ve been told, repeatedly, that people won’t read past...

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