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Words May Not Be Enough by Kevin Sullivan
Posted by Kevin Sullivan in > General Fiction

Kevin Sullivan reported from Asia for fourteen years before returning to Europe. He has written several novels that make use of his experience as a journalist. The Longest Winter published...

What We Didn’t Say: Rory Dunlop
Posted by Rory Dunlop in > General Fiction

Rory Dunlop studied Classics at Oxford and worked as a teacher and journalist before being called to the Bar. He spent a year in Strasbourg, writing judgments for the European...

A Gap in the Bookshelf by Catherine Banner

How a preoccupation with the untold stories of small-town Europe became, unexpectedly, a novel There’s a sentence that Toni Morrison once wrote, which I love because it captures for me...

I Could *Never* Do That – Not Me by Lesley Allen
Posted by Lesley Allen in > General Fiction > Women's Fiction

It’s a weird thing, this book-writing business, isn’t? I’d always been in awe of people who write fiction. Since I first fell in love with books, way back when I...

Looking to Sign The Next Big Thing? New Voices to Watch in 2016
Posted by in > General Fiction

We’re all about new talent and helping writers grow at Writing.ie – at the start of the year we brought you news of some exciting books heading for the shelves,...

Clár Ní Chonghaile: Fractured
Posted by Clár Ní Chonghaile in > General Fiction

As a journalist, I’m an editor’s worst nightmare. I’ve never met a word limit I didn’t take with a shovel of salt. I’ve been told, repeatedly, that people won’t read past...

Glenn Patterson: From GULL Wings to Stage Wings; It’s All In The Writing
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Described by Colm Tóibín as “one of the best Irish contemporary novelists” Glenn Patterson is remarkably easy to chat to and excellent company. Not that I was daunted in the slightest...

Ruaille Buaille Comes to Life by Aidan Courtney
Posted by Aidan Courtney in > General Fiction > Interviews

I was asked a few questions a few years ago by someone I was working with in a bookshop in Canada.  He looked at me like I was a little...

Alan Walsh: Writing ‘Sour’
Posted by Alan Walsh in > General Fiction

I hadn’t set out to write this book. I guess that’s the hilarious thing. Later on, when you’re deep into the thing and it consumes your every free minute imagining...

Meeting Patrick DeWitt: R.M. Clarke
Posted by in > General Fiction

In the clamour of a trendy Dublin coffee shop that is likely not too far a stylistic cry from his local in Portland, Oregon, I meet Patrick DeWitt. He is...