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Valley of the Peacock Angel: Martin Malone
Posted by Martin Malone in > General Fiction > Interviews

Titles can be so bloody hard to get right. Ideally, it should derive from something organic within the novel.  Whilst writing a book the title should have the good manners...

Billy Keane on The Ballad of Mo and G

‘Just write the feckin’ thing’ was the advice I was given by my father. Sons often ignore paternal wisdom. These five words were left to me by favourite writer John...

Happiness Comes from Nowhere; Shauna Gilligan
Posted by Shauna Gilligan in > General Fiction > Interviews

It’s a year since my debut novel Happiness Comes from Nowhere (London: Ward Wood, 2012) hit the shelves and I saw with a thrill, for the first time, my name...

New Collection for Pushcart Prize Nominee Alan McMonagle
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in > General Fiction > Interviews

A troubled boy convinces himself he can fly. An old crone decides to turn herself into a man. Two adolescents make an unusual list of ideal women. A childless couple...

Kevin Brophy Talks to Joe McCoubrey About Another Country & Writing Longhand
Posted by Joe McCoubrey in > General Fiction > Interviews

Kevin Brophy has somehow flown under the radar when it comes to successful Irish authors. At 65 years of age he should by now be a household name, but when...

From Author to Publisher: Louise Phillips meets Arlene Hunt
Posted by Louise Phillips in > General Fiction > Interviews

It’s always interesting to talk to people about writing, publishing and promoting books – the different roles in the industry show us a different slant on things. However, it is...

The New Big Book of Hope
Posted by Sorcha McCoy Moran in > General Fiction > Interviews

  Books have the power to change, even save, lives. The New Big Book of Hope, compiled by Vanessa Fox O’ Loughlin and Hazel Larkin, is a testament to this. Its...

Paul Howard on Triggs
Posted by Elizabeth Rose Murray in > General Fiction > Interviews

As his new book launched, Paul Howard attended Writers’ Week in Listowel to treat audiences to a reading ofTriggs: The Autobiography. Written from the perspective of Roy Keane’s infamous and much-loved...

The Forced Redundancy Film Club, Brian Finnegan
Posted by Brian Finnegan in > General Fiction > Interviews

I must be the only person in Ireland who’s been selfishly praying for the past two years that the recession wouldn’t end, just yet. For it was around March 2009...

Paul Howard – Ross O’Carroll-Kelly
Posted by Kevin Massey in > General Fiction > Interviews

Few names are as synonymous with the Celtic Tiger as Ireland’s greatest uncapped rugby player, Ross O’Carroll-Kelly.  Paul Howard has created an era defining character; nobody embodies the excesses of...

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