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Jason Johnson on ‘Sinker’ and Staying Afloat
Posted by Jason Johnson in > General Fiction > Interviews

Jeffrey Archer was on TV the other night talking about writing a book and said ‘you need a good run at it.’ He said you need an unbroken slab of...

Writing in the Margins by Jan Carson
Posted by Jan Carson in > General Fiction > Interviews

I have just written and published my first book. I’m rather pleased with it. In the five years I’ve carried it from conception to actual papery birth it has come...

The Route to ‘Unravelling Oliver’: Liz Nugent
Posted by Liz Nugent in > General Fiction > Interviews

In 2002, I was the stage manager of a theatrical adaptation of John Banville’s The Book of Evidence. I had read and loved the book before but now I got...

Daniel Seery on Character, Competitions and A Model Partner
Posted by Daniel Seery in > General Fiction > Interviews

Tom Stacey was born from a mumble. One moment my thoughts were on the unremarkable and the next instant he was there, in my head, hunched over and eavesdropping on...

On BAFTAs & Books: Glenn Patterson Talks to Paul FitzSimons
Posted by Paul FitzSimons in > General Fiction > Interviews

I recently had a chance to sit down with award winning author Glenn Patterson, ahead of the launch of his new novel The Rest Just Follows. But before I asked...

Valley of the Peacock Angel: Martin Malone
Posted by Martin Malone in > General Fiction > Interviews

Titles can be so bloody hard to get right. Ideally, it should derive from something organic within the novel.  Whilst writing a book the title should have the good manners...

Billy Keane on The Ballad of Mo and G

‘Just write the feckin’ thing’ was the advice I was given by my father. Sons often ignore paternal wisdom. These five words were left to me by favourite writer John...

Happiness Comes from Nowhere; Shauna Gilligan
Posted by Shauna Gilligan in > General Fiction > Interviews

It’s a year since my debut novel Happiness Comes from Nowhere (London: Ward Wood, 2012) hit the shelves and I saw with a thrill, for the first time, my name...

New Collection for Pushcart Prize Nominee Alan McMonagle
Posted by Vanessa O'Loughlin in > General Fiction > Interviews

A troubled boy convinces himself he can fly. An old crone decides to turn herself into a man. Two adolescents make an unusual list of ideal women. A childless couple...

Kevin Brophy Talks to Joe McCoubrey About Another Country & Writing Longhand
Posted by Joe McCoubrey in > General Fiction > Interviews

Kevin Brophy has somehow flown under the radar when it comes to successful Irish authors. At 65 years of age he should by now be a household name, but when...