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Crowdfunding Ireland’s Green Larder by Margaret Hickey
Posted by Margaret Hickey in > Food Writing > Interviews

Not long after I’d moved from central London to a house beside the Shannon, I decided to write Ireland’s Green Larder, a history of Ireland seen through the prism of...

Artful Eating: The Psychology of Lasting Weight Loss by Karina Melvin
Posted by Karina Melvin in > Food Writing > Interviews > Non-Fiction

As a child, I remember dreaming of writing a book. Diagnosed with dyslexia at quite a young age, reading was something that for a long time eluded me. But as...

Master it: How to Cook Today by Rory O’Connell
Posted by Lorraine Griffin in > Food Writing > Interviews

Rory O’Connell is an acclaimed cookery teacher based at the Ballymaloe Cookery School, which he set up with his well-known sister, Darina Allen. Originally trained at Ballymaloe House with Myrtle...

Mona Wise talks Wild Food with Biddy White Lennon & Evan Doyle
Posted by Mona Wise in > Food Writing > Interviews

As I sit and type these words, I am scraping the plate and muffin wrapper from one of the recipes in Wild Food (The O’Brien Press) a book written by...

Pulling it All Together – Apron Strings: Recipes from a Family Kitchen
Posted by Nessa Robins in > Food Writing > Interviews

I had been anxiously waiting for some time to sign a contract which would secure my book deal with a publisher. But after the initial excitement of signing my first...

Mona’s Wise Words
Posted by Lorraine Griffin in > Food Writing

A food writer and Sunday Times columist, Mona lives in Galway with her husband, chef Ron Wise, their children Jack and Rorí, and foster daughters Sam and Lulu.  We last...