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Women’s Fiction

Anyone for Seconds? by Laurie Graham
Posted by Laurie Graham in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

When I started my writing career, nearly thirty years ago, I never considered the possibility of sequels. I rattled off novels, each one totally unconnected with the others, and when...

Writing While the Baby Naps: She’s Having Her Baby by Lauren Sams
Posted by Lauren Sams in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

I didn’t want to go to mother’s group. I only went, actually, because the first meeting was right after my nurse appointment, so I really had no excuse. The baby...

Plotting Finfarran: The Month of Borrowed Dreams by Felicity Hayes McCoy
Posted by Felicity Hayes McCoy in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

Years ago, when I was writing for tv drama series, I learned to carry a very small notebook indeed. This was back in the days before notebooks were digital, when...

Writing for Love: The Gravity of Love by Noelle Harrison

I am always on the search for a good love story. Not particularly loyal to one genre, I read thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction, anything as long as...

Writing to Music: The voices that help shape my novels by Ally Bunbury
Posted by Ally Bunbury in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

I’ve always been a procrastinator, though maybe that’s too harsh – perhaps it’s simply that I like to mull things over before actually settling down to work. Music makes for...

Listen for the Weather by Justine Delaney Wilson
Posted by Justine Delaney Wilson in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

Listen for the Weather is a story about a marriage. It chronicles a specific period in the life of a relationship under pressure and is almost forensic in its gaze....

Characters and Locations: In Search of Us by Maria Duffy
Posted by Maria Duffy in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

As with all my books, In Search of Us began with just a seed of an idea.  Actually, it wasn’t really an idea at first – it was two characters...

The Book I Never Thought I’d Write: The Last Laugh by Tracy Bloom
Posted by Tracy Bloom in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

I never expected I would write a book about dying. I write romantic comedies for goodness sake! And I knew I couldn’t possibly write a book that didn’t have humour...

Our Secrets and Lies by Sinéad Moriarty
Posted by Sinéad Moriarty in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

My new novel, (my 13th, I’m hoping that’s not a bad omen!) Our Secrets and Lies, has many themes and issues running through it. One of the main themes is...

Novel Characters Who Helped Me Turn a Page by Ally Bunbury
Posted by Ally Bunbury in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

I was living in Paris, alone by choice, a twentysomething year old, who had stepped out from a searing PR job in London before becoming a burnt-out statistic. I was...