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Women’s Fiction

Plotting Finfarran: The Month of Borrowed Dreams by Felicity Hayes McCoy
Posted by Felicity Hayes McCoy in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

Years ago, when I was writing for tv drama series, I learned to carry a very small notebook indeed. This was back in the days before notebooks were digital, when...

Writing for Love: The Gravity of Love by Noelle Harrison

I am always on the search for a good love story. Not particularly loyal to one genre, I read thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction, anything as long as...

Writing to Music: The voices that help shape my novels by Ally Bunbury
Posted by Ally Bunbury in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

I’ve always been a procrastinator, though maybe that’s too harsh – perhaps it’s simply that I like to mull things over before actually settling down to work. Music makes for...

Listen for the Weather by Justine Delaney Wilson
Posted by Justine Delaney Wilson in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

Listen for the Weather is a story about a marriage. It chronicles a specific period in the life of a relationship under pressure and is almost forensic in its gaze....

Characters and Locations: In Search of Us by Maria Duffy
Posted by Maria Duffy in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

As with all my books, In Search of Us began with just a seed of an idea.  Actually, it wasn’t really an idea at first – it was two characters...

The Book I Never Thought I’d Write: The Last Laugh by Tracy Bloom
Posted by Tracy Bloom in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

I never expected I would write a book about dying. I write romantic comedies for goodness sake! And I knew I couldn’t possibly write a book that didn’t have humour...

Our Secrets and Lies by Sinéad Moriarty
Posted by Sinéad Moriarty in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

My new novel, (my 13th, I’m hoping that’s not a bad omen!) Our Secrets and Lies, has many themes and issues running through it. One of the main themes is...

Novel Characters Who Helped Me Turn a Page by Ally Bunbury
Posted by Ally Bunbury in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

I was living in Paris, alone by choice, a twentysomething year old, who had stepped out from a searing PR job in London before becoming a burnt-out statistic. I was...

Lucy’s Book Club for the Lost and Found by Emma Davies
Posted by Emma Davies in > Interviews > Women's Fiction

Before I actually was a published author, reading other people’s stories about their own paths to publication and book deals was something of a hobby. Sometimes they filled me with...

Making it! December Girl by Nicola Cassidy

“I love following up and coming writers, writers who make it,” said an aspiring author to me recently. It took me a moment to realise she was talking about me....

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