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Telling Tales: The Fabulous Lives of Anita Leslie by Penny Perrick
Posted by Penny Perrick in > Interviews > Memoir > Non Fiction

Biographers are not universally loved. James Joyce called us ‘biografiends’ and Edmund de Waal, although acclaimed for his family memoir, The Hare with Amber Eyes, a book both tender and...

Finding Wilde’s Women by Eleanor Fitzsimons
Posted by Eleanor Fitzsimons in > Non Fiction

These days I’m often described as the woman who spent three years living with Oscar Wilde. While I do sometimes feel like a bit of a one-trick pony (many of...

Mapping the Labyrinth: The Ulysses Guide by Robert Nicholson
Posted by in > Non Fiction

It was not originally my intention to write a book about James Joyce or Ulysses. More than enough people had already done so, and my impression was that yet another...

Sue Leonard Meets Andrew Crofts & Reveals the Confessions of a Ghost Writer
Posted by Sue Leonard in > Non Fiction > Special Guests

When Robert Harris wrote The Ghost – based on a ghostwriter who is working on an ex Prime-Minister’s memoirs, the hack’s experiences come across as pretty true to life. And...

Leaning In to Create Change: Sheryl Sandberg

One of the world’s most successful business women was in Dublin last week to spread the word about her book Lean In – a special edition for graduates that contains...