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Creative Writing for Children (8-11) Online Course

Date: 21 January 2020   |   Venue: Online
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This six-week online creative writing course is suitable for 8-11 year olds. Note that the student doesn't have to be online at a particular time, as the modules are delivered by email. Each of the six modules contains notes, tips and exercises to help the participant. The tutor will also provide written feedback on the exercises. The first module will look at the importance of observation. In Week 2, we'll discuss characters and the student will create their own character. Module 3 will show students how to use setting in a story. In the fourth week, we'll take a look at plot and structure. Module 5 will discuss dialogue and how to use it effectively. In the final week we'll look at how to end your story and how to revise your writing. To view the course dates, please visit our website (link below)

Additional information about this Course

Date:  21 January 2020
Venue:  Online
Location:  Online
Course provider:  Creative Writing Ink
Capacity:  10
Fee:  €95
Web link:  Visit site
Contact details:  Email: info@creativewriting.ie