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Crime Writing: Making it Real – UK Police Use of Firearms Workshop

10 April 2021

Course details

Course begins: 10 April 2021
Venue: Online
Location: Online
Provider: Graham Bartlett – Police Advisor
Capacity: 30
Fee: £90
Contact details: graham.bartlett@policeadvisor.co.uk
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Course description

The day will be led by Police Advisor Graham Bartlett, former senior detective and Sunday Times bestselling author.

With a predominantly unarmed police force, do you know when UK officers do carry guns?
Who decides when an armed raid is justified?
Who carries out those raids?
What do they look, feel, even smell like?
What weapons do they use and how powerful are they?
How are specialist firearms officers dressed?
How do they deal with a suspect carrying a gun?
When can UK police fire their weapons?
What happens next?

This course is perfect for any crime writer who has been vexed by the questions above, or who wishes to create a show-piece final scene but doesn’t know how to make it completely credible for an increasingly informed readership.

Hear from current experts on how British police do – and don’t – deal with armed and dangerous criminals. Learn where the drama is and what part your protagonist can and cannot play.

With a combination of discussions, video footage, presentations and writing exercises in supportive groups of fellow crime writers, all will be revealed by those who do this for real. Book now and you’ll soon be among the few authors who can confidently weave credible firearms scenes into your stories, safe in the knowledge you’ve got as close as is safe to the real thing.

You’ll work in a friendly and supportive online group towards your final writing exercise, where you’ll use your new-found knowledge to accurately plot a dramatic narrative around this topic.

It is part of our Crime Writing: Making it Real course series with Police Advisor Graham Bartlett, helping writers craft authentic crime stories.

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