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A blog by Kate Dempsey

KATE DEMPSEY runs writing.ie's Poetic License blog and is our poetry guru. She is a writer and a blogger living in Maynooth. She writes fiction and non-fiction as well as poetry and is widely published in Ireland and abroad, in magazines, anthologies and on the radio. She fits this around her family and a full time job, writing on the sofa, on the train and in that little coffeeshop on the corner.

Poetry can be a solitary activity and she appreciates the support she received from the online community, particularly when starting out. She is excited about continuing the dialogue with her blog here.

You can follow Kate online, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Memorising your poetry

Posted by Kate Dempsey on 8 March 2011.

I am not good at memorising things. I forget lemons and toilet paper when I go to the shops. I forget my pin number. I forget what I forget. So I’m not good at memorising poems. But I try. Sometimes I send myself to sleep at night trying to remember my lines. (It would help if they rhymed) I do think that that handful of paper that inevitably, in my case anyway, falls or gets...

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What is Poetry?

Posted by Kate Dempsey on 20 February 2011.

I’ve been writing poetry for maybe 11 years now and I’m still wondering what exactly it is. It’s hard to define. I’ve read and heard some poems recently that made me question where is the line between an interesting and emotive story as a piece of prose or an amusing anecdote with parallels and a poem. If you Google “What is a poem,” (I just did) you get a lot of different answers and some...

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Reading and Writing Poetry

Posted by Kate Dempsey on 11 February 2011.

Welcome to the first blog post of Poetic Licence. I have loads of ideas of thing to talk about: Poetry to read, to listen to, forms to try out, writing prompts, spoken word, events and competitions, anthologies and magazines, interviews etc etc. Any ideas and suggestions welcome. This first post is about reading poetry. Do you write poetry? Do you write more poetry than you read? I believe that in order to write good poetry, to...

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