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Welcome to The Book Seller’s Blog where we invite independent book sellers to rant, rave and generally enthuse about books and authors and all things literary. Tell us about your day amongst the fresh pages of new releases, or the previously loved well thumbed pages of second hand books. What was the most bizarre request you’ve received from a customer? What is your most precious book? Reveal all here!

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On the Shelf: How Bookshops Choose Stock

Posted by The Bookseller on 12 May 2011.

Writing.ie is delighted to welcome Bob Johnson of The Gutter Bookshop to The Bookseller’s Blog. Here he reveals exactly how bookshops choose stock, and what you need to do as a small publisher to get your book on the shelf. Before opening up my independent bookstore The Gutter Bookshop in 2009 I worked as a buyer for a couple of chain bookshops in the UK and Ireland. Buying books for a living sounds like many...

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Mind your Manners

Posted by The Bookseller on 13 April 2011.

I once went into a shoe store but before I could finish my enquiry, the young lady behind the till said, ‘they’re all out!” meaning that if I couldn’t find it myself, they didn’t have it in stock.  She lost a sale that day because I can never resist shoes and if I can’t find what I’m looking for, I inevitably find something else I fancy. With that kind of negative response I just turned on...

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Seapoint Literary Suppers…

Posted by The Bookseller on 1 April 2011.

When you work in the book trade it’s really hard to socialise without starting every second sentence with, “I was reading this great book last week and…” The major problem is that everyone – surprise, surprise – doesn’t spend their entire waking moments thinking about writing, authors, launches, reviews, plot lines, new releases, reissues, covers, placement, top tens, back orders, and books, books, books…. A while back I said to an irate non-reader, “But everyone...

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Lasting Impressions

Posted by The Bookseller on 23 March 2011.

Sometimes a book will spark a memory of times past or simply make you think about issues that you want to share.· All I have to do is look at the cover of a book I’ve read and a flash of memory will take me back to where I was at the time of reading, what I was feeling and how I connected with the characters in the story. I was near the end of...

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