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songs-for-amyThis week Carrie King guest blogs at Inkstains to review new Irish film ‘Songs for Amy’. Carrie says:

I’ve always felt it’s an important thing to support all things indie, from record stores to raconteurs. I was delighted to check out the preview for Irish film, ‘Songs for Amy’ which is set (for the most part) in dear old Galway city.

Written and produced by Fiona Graham under the direction of Konrad Begg, ‘Songs for Amy’ tells the story of Seán O’Malley, a love-lorn musician who is writing an album of apology for the eponymous Amy after an ill-advised night on the tear on the eve of their wedding. Flanked at all times by his charmingly daft band-mates – a talented and empathetic stoner, a fame-hungry, slightly petulant bassist and the middle-aged Scottish drummer with a weakness for Traveller women and hard liquor – Seán tries to pen the perfect album to say sorry to Amy who leaves for New York after his no-show. Both Sean and Amy are left soul-searching while trying to get on with their lives and the many, many curve-balls that get thrown at them.

The film is reverent in its portrayal of Galway and its music scene and will please anyone who harbours a bit of a grá for the city. Lorna Anderson really shines as the broken-hearted jilted bride and while some of the acting can be a little forced at times, overall the film is a really special one that tells a very human story of love and betrayal.

Watch out for a boozy, rock ‘n’ roll cameo by Alabama 3 and keep an ear open for a soundtrack featuring Ultan Conlon, Jim McKee, Eleanor Shanley, Tom Paxton, Glen Campbell and Jono McCleery.

In cinemas May 2nd. Check out the trailer below!


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