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A Bit of Spontaneity

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Go on, give it a try!
Go on, give it a try!

This time around on #wordspark, I’m doing something a little bit different. We recently featured an article on Spontaneity, “an arts journal all about inspiration, where one idea really does lead to another.

The idea is simple: Issue 1 of the journal was themed, and from now on, all submissions must be inspired by one of the poems, short stories, paintings or photographs already published in the journal. I think this is a brilliant idea and was delighted to be included in the first issue.

For this #wordspark challenge, I’d like to give you a little encouragement (think of it as a  Christmas present) and suggest you take a look at Issue 1 of Spontaneity and let your imagination fly. Have a mooch around, see what catches your eye & then submit to Spontaneity! You never know where it might lead.

You can read Issue 1 here & their submission guidelines here.

Good luck, happy writing & let me know how you get on!

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