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A Bookshop and more…Sheelagh na Gig

Article by The Bookseller © 26 September 2012.
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Cloughjordan is a jewel of a town hidden away in the heart of Tipperary. And in the heart of Cloughjordan is the Sheelagh na Gig bookshop, run by editor Elizabeth O’Shea and glass artist Mollie Barrow.

“We started it together in October 1996, but Mollie is now concentrating more on her art – she has an Etsy shop called Spleodair,” says Elizabeth. “We both moved down from Dublin; we loved books, so we opened the shop, and now we also have a books website, walmut.ie, which specialises in sustainable books.”

Sheelagh na Gig has the best coffee in Tipp, and the best cakes, plus both new and secondhand books. They run art exhibitions and authors’ readings, and local crafts are displayed for sale.The shop always has an air of happiness and generosity.

“We sell children’s books, gardening and environmental, also general books – fiction, health, history, etc – plus a good secondhand section downstairs with most of the seating,” says Elizabeth.

The first time I went in, three people were working on their laptops, wifi-ing their work to Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Cloughjordan is the home of the Eco-Village, and so it is a charming mix of traditional midland farming and cutting-edge eco-technology.

The local writers’ group, which involves several published authors and also publishes its own collections, meets in Sheelagh na Gig every Sunday. And there’s a games night every week.

Like Sheelagh na Gig, Main Street, Cloughjordan on Facebook and find out more about a really unique bookshop:  http://www.facebook.com/sheelaghnagig

(c) Lucille Redmond

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