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AsIam.ie looking for writers – can you help?

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AsIam.ie is the new Autism services website (Austism Spectrum Information, advice and meeting point)  founded by Adam Harris (who you might have seen on the Late Late Show) – a charity just getting off the ground, Adam is looking for two journalist interns for the site to work remotely but meet with him weekly or bi-weekly in a central Dublin location to discuss weekly content:

They need:
1) Features Writer – This writer will have experience in writing and experience or an interest in the area of Autism. They should be a journalism or psychology graduate. The task would involve writing 1-2 weekly features for the site – it could be around a specific issue in the Autism community, Autism issues for a certain time of the year (e.g. coping this Christmas) or it could be an interview with an Autism expert. Articles are a maximum of 1000 words, minimum of 500 words.

2) Local Correspondent – This writer will have a degree in journalism and, ideally, an interest in Autism. They will cover local Autism events around Ireland (through reaching out / email – not actually attending), populating the site with information about initiatives going on on the ground, local services etc.
For more information visit the website and watch Adam’s video explaining the site’s objectives.
If you can help, contact Adam via the site – just click here: http://www.asiam.ie/contact-us
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