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Because I’m Human

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Because I am Human, an Anti-Bullying Poetry Film is now online. It is 3 minutes long.

The poem was written by Dave Lordan in 2012, as a gesture of help towards a young relative of his suffering from bullying.

It was aired by RTE ARENA, and the RTE PLAYBACK programme, reaching an audience of hundreds of thousands.

Since then the text of the poem has been used as an Anti-Bullying Resource in schools around the world – many have made posters of the poem, others have used it as a speech choir piece.

This autumn, with the support of dozens of community funders and volunteers, Bogmanscannon.com, the popular alt.culture website founded by Dave Lordan and Karl Parkinson, got together with filmmaker Padraig Burke of runawaypenguin.com to make a film of the poem.

The lead role was given to Shane Fitzgerald, a young actor from O Devaney’s Gardens in Inner-City Dublin.

After premiering at the Dublin Book Festival last week, the 3 minute film is now released and can be freely used in perpetuity as a not-for-profit anti-bullying resource.

You can show your support for the anti-bullying message of the film by sharing on social media, liking it on youtube, letting interested parties such as teachers and youth workers know about it, and so on. Thanks in advance for any of the above.

For anti-bullying talks/workshops/performances and film showings in your school or community organisation please contact poet and educator Dave Lordan at dlordan@hotmail.com or 0870921117 to arrange a visit from an experienced bogmanscannon.com facilitator.

Click here to watch the video.

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