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Book Store Stroller – Does a picture paint a thousand words?

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Louise Phillips


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I never used to think too deeply about novel covers, or so I thought. Before sitting down to write a novel, I would stroll into a bookstore and browse the shelves looking for my next great read. If I recognized an author and enjoyed their material before, that was a definite plus for me. But you don’t realize  or at least I didn’t, how influenced you are by a cover.

The cover is the first thing you see – makes sense! But what does a cover of a novel give you?  Content? Genre? Tone? Curiosity?  Story?

No doubt when creating covers, designers and sales and marketing people want to create all of the above and so much more. It’s a difficult task – get it wrong and those wonderful words might never be read.

Now that I have become more aware of my relationship with covers, I realize that I’m often drawn to similar ones, although I’m not altogether sure why. But I find them, or they find me, and what happens in the first glance, first date mentality is that I pick them up, turn over to the back of the novel and read the blurb – the next step – purchase:-)

I’m sure greater beings than I have thought long and hard about what makes the ‘book store stroller’ stop and pick up a book. It’s fascinating, and it is something I’ve become more and more fascinated with the more I realize how important a good cover is, and how detrimental a bad one can be.

So with the small paperback release of RED RIBBONS out this week, and a much anticipated cover of The Dolls’ House due to reach me in the next couple of weeks, I’ve decided to share some of the crime covers featured here on writing.ie over the last twelve months – an interesting bunch you must agree!!







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