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Bookselling Ireland announce Introduction to Bookselling Course

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Bookselling Ireland have announced the first Introduction to Bookselling course, where potential new booksellers can find out more about day-to-day bookshop life, as well as the practicalities of how to create a strong business, understanding bookshop finances, and how to gain customer loyalty.

Led by a group of award winning booksellers, Patrick Neale from UK based Jaffé & Neale Bookshop and Café, along with guest speakers Janet Hawkins from The Blessington Bookstore and Dawn Behan from Woodbine Books, the course has been designed to provide a thorough grounding in every aspect of bookselling so that prospective bookshop owners can operate efficiently and profitably from the very beginning.

The course will look in detail at the essential elements that go to make a profitable retail business – the all-important profit & loss and stock control. Having grasped the business fundamentals, attention is turned to the product itself – exploring the key areas within the booktrade. Attendees will also look at resources available to booksellers, and look at the events which make up a professional bookseller’s life.

Running a bookshop with passion and making sure customers come back time and again is vital to the success of running a bookshop. Participants will find out how to make their shop a part of the community and a unique and desirable destination.

Introduction to Bookselling is a must for anyone considering purchasing a bookshop, those who have recently set up in business, or to introduce a new member of staff to the practicalities of bookselling. Above all, the course is an opportunity to network with others new to the trade and to benefit from the experience of highly successful booksellers.

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