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Castleknock Community College are looking for someone to tutor a 10 week Creative Writing for Beginners night class and a 10 week Creative Writing for Improvers night class. Both classes would be 90 mins and would run back to back with or without a 15 min break between them depending on the tutor’s preference.

The class would run ideally on a Monday night in the Autumn but could run on a Tuesday or Wednesday if the tutor was only available those nights. Classes usually start around 7pm each night but if a slightly earlier or later time suited, the College could look at accommodating that. Tutors are paid €41.37 per hour so a typical night class is 90 mins and runs for 10 weeks. The tutor could teach beginners’ class, improvers’ class or both. In the past a tutor taking both could run backs to back classes or have a 15 break between but wouldn’t be paid for the 15 minute break.

If you would like to know anymore information please don’t hesitate to email with your contact phone number, your CV and a 10 week class plan to Or if you would like to just chat you can call on 01 8129346.

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