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Crime Always Pays!!!

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Louise Phillips

Declan Burke has just published his latest novel, the comedy crime caper CRIME ALWAYS PAYS (Severn House). It features most of the characters who appeared in THE BIG O, along with a few new additions, as an insurance-heist-gone-wrong turns into a trans-Europe road trip headed for the Greek islands …

Declan will be well known to many of you, not only for his novels, but as an ardent supporter of Irish crime writing. To say Irish Crime writing has received something of a surge in recent times is somewhat of an understatement, and this is due in no small measure to Declan who has been at the forefront for many years. Us newcomers certainly owe him and others a great deal.


Crime always pays










Karen and Ray are on their way to the Greek islands to rendezvous with Madge and split the fat bag of cash they conned from Karen’s ex, Rossi, when they kidnapped, well, Madge. But they’ve reckoned without Doyle, the cop who can’t decide if she wants to arrest Madge, shoot Rossi, or ride off into the sunset with Ray …

For a short excerpt from CRIME ALWAYS PAYS, go here:


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Declan Burke is the author of Eightball Boogie (2003), The Big O (2007), Absolute Zero Cool (2011), Slaughter’s Hound (2012) and Crime Always Pays (2014). He is also the editor of Down These Green Streets: Irish Crime Writing in the 21st Century (2011), and the co-editor, with John Connolly, of Books to Die For (2013). Absolute Zero Cool won the Goldsboro ‘Last Laugh’ Award at Crimefest in 2012.

A writer and journalist, his novels have been described as ‘Irish screwball noir.’ He is a regular contributor to The Sunday Times, Irish Times and the Sunday Independent, and hosts a website devoted to crime fiction called Crime Always Pays (http://crimealwayspays.blogspot.ie/). 


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