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Deadline Fast-Approaching for Submissions to Mirror Lamp Press

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Submissions deadline: 19th July 2022

The dealine is fast approaching for submissions to Mirror Lamp Press, an art and literary magazine that focuses on Irish artistic practice in Ireland and abroad.

Mirror Lamp Press is a free quarterly magazine co-edited by Gwen Burlington and Eoghan McIntyre. Each issue explores the intersection of art and literature through newly commissioned texts and selected works of an illustrator or visual artist. It lives in the digital sphere and has been designed to be read online, with each issue made available as a freely downloadable PDF.

They are currently looking for pitches from writers, and potential work from featured artists and video essayists:

Write for us
We offer €170 for 1000 words. Each issue is formatted linguistically containing five essays so please keep this in mind when getting in touch:

Focuses on a person, artist, musician, group, collective or exhibition.

Focuses on any object that interests you (art object, personal, obsolete…)

Focuses on process and the act of your chosen subject. This can be creating work such as painting, photography, sculpture or writing. It can also describe the experience of looking (such as an ekphrastic text). Or about curating or collecting. Or something we haven’t thought of…

For this section, we ask a writer to respond to the discursive environment we inhabit, responding to a word or phrase that speaks to them rather than an idea or visual, and how it’s used. It focuses on a single word that they, for any reason, find intriguing, complex, haunting, curious, interestingly ambiguous, troubling, problematic, loaded, overused, debased or delightful. So not about the thing the word represents but the word itself. For example, ‘abject’ or ‘titular’

This is location-based and focuses on where art lives such as galleries, museums, artist run spaces, collections, online spaces, studios and exhibiting platforms. This can also be about a geographical context or a piece of site writing. Or not art related like a nightclub, restaurant, shop, house, garden, park (anywhere that interests you).

We aspire to provide works that are critically rigorous yet accessible to those not already within the fold of visual arts circles and education. If you want to write about a specialism such as post-structuralist theory, that’s wonderful but please consider how you might discuss this abstraction very precisely so that you get as close to your subject as possible. Everyone speaks from a professional and cultural milieu and we aim to open up conversations with other fields of study. We also want our mums to read it.

Please email info@mirrorlamppress.com with some samples of your previous work, website etc and some details about what you’d like to feature, or if you’d like more information about any of the above. We’re happy to talk through your ideas and work. The call is open to Irish and international writers and artists until July 19th.

See here for further information.

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