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Dedalus Press – A New Anthology of Love Poems

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Ben Simmons

Love in 21st century Ireland: what does it look like? How does it work? How has the nature of love changed in recent decades – through social reforms, changes in legislation, with the proliferation of digital media and online connections? What rituals are entirely new, what others appear timeless? What does the contemporary Irish love poem look like?

Continuing our long-established practice of producing innovative, engaging anthologies that shine a light on the changing nature of Irish life, Dedalus Press is pleased to announce an open call for submissions for a new anthology of love poems.

Submissions are invited from emerging as well as established poets. We warmly welcome submissions from women, people of colour, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities.

We are primarily interested in poems about romantic love, but we are open to each poet’s interpretation of the guidelines. We hope to create an anthology that is complex in its portrayal of love, exploring not just the highs of romantic love but the grief and loss of it too. We’re looking for the best poems, and hoping for the widest, most inclusive response to one of poetry’s perennial, essential subjects.


Editors Leeanne Quinn and Joseph Woods will take on the considerable task of reading and choosing from your submissions — poems traditional and experimental, quiet-spoken and declarative, timeless poems that focus on lovers (to the exclusion of all else) as well as poems that admit in the background glimpses of the world (and perhaps Ireland in particular) as it is today.


1. Poets must be over 18 years of age, born on the island of Ireland (i.e. south or north) or presently in residence here.

2. Poets may enter a maximum of 3 poems, in a single submission document (.doc, .docx or .PDF only). Poems longer than 40 lines cannot be considered. (Blank lines between stanzas should be counted but not the title or blank space before the first line.)

3. Submissions should contain no personal or identifying information on the document itself. The submission window will ask for any information we may require in order to communicate with poets.

4. Dedalus Press is an English-language publisher but submissions in Irish are welcome when accompanied by an English-language translation (in verse or prose). If chosen for publication, both the original Irish and English translation will be published together. (Line count, above, applies to the original poem and not to original and translation together.)

5. Email and postal submissions cannot be considered. Poems can only be considered if submitted through the official online submission form. There is no charge for submitting work via the submission form. Doing so ensures that all prospective contributors are equal and that the work is judged on its own merits.

6. Poems submitted may have been previously published in journals, magazines, or various broadcast formats (radio, Facebook, YouTube etc.) so long as copyright is held by the poet. Poems which have previously appeared in book form (i.e. individual collection, anthology, etc) cannot be considered. A publication fee €50 will be paid for each poem published.

7. After acceptance, poets will receive .PDF proofs of their contributions and will have the opportunity to make small corrections. Re-writes or larger revisions cannot be accommodated.

You can find the submissions form here.


· Please note that poems must be submitted in .doc, .docx or ..PDF formats only.

· Please submit all poems in a single document. You will be prompted to submit up to three ‘pieces’, adding each piece separately. This does not mean that you should submit each poem as a separate document. Instead, simply add the title and details of each poem (or ‘piece’) as prompted by Duosuma – you will not need to upload any file at this stage. When you have added the details of each of the poems you wish to submit, click ‘next’. At this stage, you can upload a file containing all poems.



· Please first ensure that you are using an accepted file format (see the ‘WHEN SUBMITTING’ section above).

· If you are having trouble adding ‘pieces’, as prompted by Duosuma, please see the ‘WHEN SUBMITTING’ section above, and ensure that all poems are in a single document.

· If you continue to have trouble submitting work via Duosuma, please email Aoife at admin@dedaluspress.com.



We strongly recommend prospective contributors not already familiar with the work of the Dedalus Press to purchase one or more recent titles, to acquaint themselves with our work and also to support their fellow poets.

*Text provided by Dedalus Press.

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