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Dublin Book Festival – here I come!

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I’ve just about finished packing – tomorrow requires an early start if I’m to hit Dublin in time for the Dublin Book Festival, Living in West Cork and not driving, it’s an arduous journey – we’re talking two and a half hours by bus and then three hours by train. But it’s a great chance to sit back and admire the scenery before the hectic festival. Plus, it’ll be well worth it – after all, I’m their official festival blogger.

I’ll be going through the full programme on the train, eagerly deciding on which events I can cover (if you’re travelling by rail, I’ll be the one with the red pen scribbling wildly on my printed pdf). It’s a shame I can’t get to everything, but some of the events overlap and I’ll also have to take a breather to get some blog posts written. But, to use an over-used but apt phrase, I do feel a bit like a child in a sweet shop…

In my opinion, the programme is pretty exciting – there’s a lot to choose from for readers, writers and children. And the slick business/current affairs programme gives it a nice, and much appreciated, up-to-date edge. There’s something for everyone – and most events are free, so even if the current economical climate is affecting your wallet, you needn’t miss out.

If you’ve not yet familiarised yourself with what’s on offer, you can take a look at the Dublin Book Festival Programme here. I’ll be covering the whole festival over on the official Dublin Festival blog but I’ll also be bringing you updates on here.

And don’t forget, if you’re at one of the events and see me wandering pass, make sure you stop to say hi. I always appreciate a quick chat.

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