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Dublin Book Festival opens…

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It’s good to be back in Dublin; I welcome the colour, the bustle, the sounds. From the crocuses in St Stephen’s Green to the coffee stands along the Liffey, there’s the hint of a writer around every corner. Thankfully, this reaction to the city put me into the best possible state of mind as I started blogging for the Dublin Book Festival…

Dublin Book Festival opened with a discussion between Dermot Bolger, Anthony Cronin and Eileen Battersby about Dublin’s place in literature. With a long term friendship and business relationship behind them, Cronin and Bolger were the perfect team to discuss this important and arresting theme.

Both extremely influential writers, Bolger and Cronin brought to life what it means to be a writer in Dublin and how literature has helped to shape the city. From the 1940’s to present day, they led us through the streets of Dublin, discussing important literary works, writer’s relationships with the city and each other, changing attitudes inside and outside of literary circles and the influence of social and economic change.

It was an inspiring discussion which left me thinking about the future – of how writers will continue to impact and evolve the city. I believe the future is bright – despite the economic decline. Hopefully tonight’s event, “Current Affairs: Stepping into a Brighter Future” will reflect this belief.

You can read more about this and other festival events over on the official Dublin Book Festival blog.

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