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Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Blesses Bookshop Tills!

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cursed childAfter eagerly awaiting the release of Little, Brown’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J K Rowling, the wait for the official first week of sales was even longer.

The new play script was released at midnight on 31 July which, being the first day of Nielsen Book’s weekly sales data collection, resulted in a full 7 days of waiting while Nielsen Book accumulated sales. Having now counted up all transactions through Nielsen BookScan UK Total Consumer Market (TCM) they are excited to announce that Harry Potter and The Cursed Child has soundly jumped into fourth place for the bestselling single week of any book since records began with 847,886 units sold for a value of £8.76m.

The top 3 list of best-selling editions in a single week has Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at number 1 with 1.84m sold in the week of release in July 2007, Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince at number 2 with weekly sales of 1.47m in June 2003 and just pipping Harry Potter and The Cursed Child to the podium is Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix with 867k sold in July 2005.

As of 2 August 2016, J K Rowling has summed an incredible value of over £259m worth of sales through the UK TCM selling over 33m books.

Internationally, the Harry Potter franchise has had equally astounding successes with over 5.5m units sold in Australia since records began in December 2002. Even more impressive are totals in the giant US market, where Harry Potter volume sales have reached 63m copies – almost double what has been sold in the UK.

In the lead up to J K Rowling’s newest book the excitement was maintained for avid fans with the publication of the companion piece Tales of Beedle the Bard in August 2008. In recent weeks, there are signs that the novels in the original series have increased in popularity, as the first three novels and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has made it into the Top 100 chart for the week, with The Philosopher’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets coming in at positions 32 and 58 from last week’s 44 and 73 respectively. This can also be said for Fantastic Beasts and The Prisoner of Azkaban which moved to position 59 and 81 from 83 and 115 respectively.

Overall, the entire series as well as the companions are all in the Top 200 for week ending 6 August, excluding special releases. This increase cannot have been hurt by the unique pairing of the companion play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that premiered in the West End on 30 July this year, and has been notorious for selling out within hours of tickets being on sale.

The message in all of this – JUST KEEP WRITING. Who knows who will pen the next game-changing first novel?

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