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Harry Potter Themed Hotel Opens Near Victoria Station

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As The Independent explains, “Whether you’re a Potter maniac or just a muggle who wants a glimpse into the life of the wizarding world, the Georgian House, a 163-year-old property near Victoria Station, now has rooms that replicate the famous chambers at Hogwarts. Guests can finally live the dream and sleep over at Hogwarts, surrounded by cauldrons, trunks, candles, potion bottles and of course, a Harry Potter book or two.”


Perfect for Potter fans, and you can opt to pay a little extra for the full Harry Potter experience, taking part in a walking ‘Muggle Tour’ of London passing all the important landmarks from the books and movies, plus a trip to the Warner Bros. Studio in Leavesden, near Watford Junction station, for The Making of Harry Potter Tour (where a brand new permanent Dark Arts section has just opened in time for Halloween).

Serena von der Heyde, partner at The Georgian House, told The Independent, “I had heard that the Harry Potter studio tour was the most popular attraction in London, and the fact the bus left from Victoria station meant we were in the perfect location for attracting tourists who had come to see the studio.”

For two people, one night in the Wizard Chambers, with breakfast and Muggle tour costs £249.00. (£60 for an additional child and £72 for an additional adult)

For two people, one night in the Wizard Chambers, with breakfast, Muggle Tour tickets and Studio Tour tickets including the branded bus transport from Victoria is £363, (£112 for an extra child and £129 for an extra adult)

Wizard Chambers prices, not including tours,  for two people with breakfast is £209 ( for each additional guest sharing the room, it’s an extra £20)

Check out http://www.georgianhousehotel.co.uk/offers/Harry-Potter-Tour-Package-London.asp for more info

To book: Call on:   or email on: reception@georgianhousehotel.co.uk


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