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Sharon Thompson

There’s so much talk about writers having a social media presence. If we leave our manuscripts, for faffing about on twitter or social media, how do we use this time effectively? We explored this topic on our trending #Writerswise tweet-chat when we had Paul Dunphy, social media consultant, as our guest-host.

THE Paul Dunphy, (who is endorsed by many Irish celebrities and businesses) called by for an hour, to chat with us. To make the most of his time and ours, we explored 4 main questions;

T1 Do you pin a tweet? Why you should? T2 How often to tweet, retweet? T3 Best times of the day to tweet? T4 Why you should tweet about other interests besides books!?

To summarise the hour, I’ve pasted in some of the brilliant comments below, but the whole tone of the advice was;

  • To be yourself and not just show up when you have something to sell or shout about.
  • You need to have a sustained and positive social media presence for it to be effective.
  • Spending all your time re-tweeting others constantly isn’t ideal –
  • You need to say something yourself and be present a few times a day to check on things.
  • Programming in your tweets is fine, but replying in real time is better.
  • The assigned questions are answered in the article, if you scroll down.

We were thrilled to have a social media consultant with such experience join us on #WritersWise. Paul works with writers a great deal and he has a free slot for a new client at the moment, so book him now, you won’t regret it! More at www.pauldunphyesquire.com

Paul has over 20 years experience in all forms of media and branding.  Having worked with the charity sector for 14 years as a Media and Communications Executive, he has a wealth of experience of using all forms of media.  Paul then went out on his own 6 years ago and after building up his own brand online in particular on Twitter, he then started his own social media business www.pauldunphyesquire.com as he loves social media so much.

Paul is a social media consultant and curator and you can find out all about what he can do for you at his new webpage www.pauldunphyesquire.com

Using acquired experience, Paul can guarantee to make you social media soar, using his positivity and fun to guarantee success.  As one of his endorsements Gavin Duffy from Dragons Den says ‘In a world filled with noise, Paul brings an energy and humour to the social media platform worth listening to. Paul’s voice online is discerning, clever and smart. He can engage with multiple voices creating fun, lively conversations worth listening too.”

What was the tweet-chat like?

Introductions, we all said hullo and what you like to write etc. We welcomed Paul (and Mindy the dog).


T1. Do you pin tweets? Why should you?


T2. How often should you tweet/RT?


T3 Best times to tweet are when?



T4. Why should you tweet about things other than books?

The full transcript of the chat is available HERE. 

More endorsements for Paul Dunphy can be found on his webpage from author Marian Keyes, broadcaster Tom Dunne and others. Having someone help or do your social media for you, is something to consider. After all, we want to write and social media takes us away from that precious writing time. Contacting social media consultants isn’t as scary as it sounds, when you talk to someone as approachable as Paul Dunphy. 

However, if you want to network and talk writing while on twitter, use your time with us on #WritersWise. All are welcome from 9-10pm and our next chat is 7th June 2018, with (me) Sharon Thompson on, ‘Building your writing life.’ Details here www.writersiwse1.wordpress.com 

Compiled by Sharon Thompson

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