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Hurricanes, Storms, and Book Launches – Oh My!

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Derek Flynn

It’s every author’s worst nightmare.

What if I throw a book launch party and nobody comes?

Par for the course, really. Every author panics before their book launch. Usually, needlessly. But then, most authors don’t have to contend with hurricanes and storms.

So my launch was scheduled for the Friday night of Waterford Writer’s Weekend. Flashback to the previous Monday. The worst hurricane in centuries decimates the Irish coastline. I say to my wife, “Imagine if this had happened on Friday!?”

Cue Met Eireann alert for Friday. STORM BRIAN.

So on Friday at 4pm, I’m walking around Tramore where I live, and the rain is torrential, the winds are worse, and I’m thinking “No one is going to show up tonight!” Every author’s worst nightmare multiplied by BRIAN.

At 6.30 that evening, I’m sitting in the wonderful surroundings of The Book Centre in Waterford, stacks of copies of “Broken Falls” laid out in front of me. The shop is empty. The streets are empty. If there was tumbleweed in the vicinity, it would have been rolling in front of me.

And then – with about ten minutes to go – people start to arrive. Family, friends, fellow authors from as far away as Galway and Dublin. And then the Master of Ceremonies – Ireland’s man of letters himself – Mr. Rick O’ Shea. And the panic abates.

And, of course, it turned out to be a lovely evening. Despite the weather, the seats were full, Rick gave a great (and funny) introduction, there was music and wine, and thank yous and a reading by a terrified author.

And now the book is out there! So I suppose, at this stage, I should tell you what it’s about. Here goes:

When Wyoming cop, John Ryan, receives a package of letters from a recently deceased priest addressed to John’s late father begging his forgiveness, unravelling the story behind them leads John to the remote fishing village of Broken Falls, Newfoundland, a place filled with strange and colourful characters, whose secrets are as old as the village itself. As he attempts to find out what it was the dead priest did – and how he died – John must confront his own past and the secrets that his father tried so hard to hide.

Broken Falls is on sale now from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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