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Newbridge-based Ink Tank Creative Writing Group are publishing a new novel, Behind the Bookshelves, on 4 April 2024. This is the third publication from the group.

Remember those lockdowns when we couldn’t all meet up in person? Like many others, our group decided to meet online. It was during one of those online meetings that one of our members suggested we write a relay book. One person would write a chapter, then the next writer would continue the story and so on until we got to the end.

The premise was: ‘What happens when a small-town writing group is taken hostage in their local library? Lives will be threatened, and mayhem will ensue. Will anyone survive unscathed?

“Seven members of the group took up the writing challenge, while several others took up the task of editing and the result is within these covers,” said Maria McDonald, a founder member of Ink Tank. “We didn’t expect the twists and turns our story took but with seven different writers, it was inevitable. The final product is now ready for readers.”

Behind the Bookshelves:

It’s Derby Saturday in Newbridge. When two thieves rob a bookie shop, the Gardai give chase. The thieves run for cover through the open door of the local library where Betty the librarian is waiting on the writer’s group to finish so she can lock up and go home to attend to her elderly mother. Armed and dangerous, the thieves barricade themselves and their hostages into the library. When one of the writer’s groups attempts to reason with them, their reaction leaves Maxwell with a bloodied nose.

Det Insp Darcy is about to finish his shift when the call comes in. Baffled as to why anyone would take hostages in a library he leads the negotiation team. Who are these men and what do they want? Who is the mole on his team who threatens them all? Caught in the middle are the hostages, each with their own story. Can they escape unscathed?

Ink Tank Creative Writing Group decided that all monies raised from the sale of this novel will go towards supporting a local charity, Samaritans Newbridge and Kildare. The group members cover all design and printing costs along with a publishing grant from Kildare County Council.

Newbridge Samaritans have more than eighty volunteers who take 2,700 calls every month. That equates to over 400 hours on the phone. All those people give their time and energy free of charge. Without the support of the local community, they would struggle to provide not only telephone support but all their services such as school and college visits, attendance at festivals, Prison Service etc.

Behind the Bookshelves will be available in local independent bookshops from April 4th as well as online.

For further details contact Ink Tank at

Launch details

Where:              Newbridge Library

When:                Thursday 4th April at 6 pm

All are welcome to attend.

About Ink Tank

Ink Tank is a mixed group of all ages and abilities who meet and discuss all things literary (and life in general). Members share their work and offer one another constructive criticism. The group meets in Newbridge Library twice monthly.

Behind the Bookshelves is the third book published by the group. Let Me Tell You Something featured a collection of work from Ink Tank members and was published in 2020. In 2019, the group published Timeless in Kildare, an eclectic miscellany capturing the group’s natural diversity through poetry, prose, reflections and short stories – each linked in some way to Kildare.

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