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Interesting literary things …

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Hazel Gaynor

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pile of books

Which is, quite possibly, the worst title I’ve ever come up with, but it really says what this post is about better than anything else my feeble brain can conjure up right now (I need a holiday so it’s a good job I’m going on one next week.)

So, in a general ’round up’ here are some interesting literary things that have caught my eye recently:

1) #TheBook – this is a really interesting social media initiative from Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction. The idea is to get people talking about their favourite book, written by a woman. Clearly the link here is the ‘Women’s Prize for Fiction’ and women writers, so I don’t think we need to get too uncomfortable about gender bias. There’s a great video on the Baileys Prize website, featuring writers and celebrities such as Kate Mosse, Caitlin Moran, Jennifer Saunders and loads more. Have a look and join in the conversation. http://thisbook.com/

2) The British Library has just launched a new online exhibit, featuring ‘literary treasures from the Romantic and Victorian periods’. This looks really fascinating – a place to explore more about the history of the books you love. http://www.bl.uk/romantics-and-victorians

3) Summer reads recommendations. There are lots of summer reads lists being circulated at the moment to whet our appetite for those blissful sunny days we will, of course, spend chilling out in the garden with a great book and a glass of something cold within our reach. One of my favourite lists comes from Isabel Costello’s Literary Sofa. Take a look. And for anyone reading this from the USA, the Arts & Entertainment pages of examiner.com also has a summer reads list which, I’m thrilled to say, includes The Girl Who Came Home. Hooray for that!

4) I also saw this recently, and couldn’t let the opportunity pass to post an image of it:

book pillow
Book pillow. Yes please!

And on that note, I’ll be signing off for a short while to get some much needed down time on a beach. Sorry!

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