Into the Light Creative Writing Yoga Retreat – A Review recently featured an article on the Into the Light Creative Writing Yoga Retreat, in which participants explored the relationship between yoga and creativity – specifically creative writing. Francesca Hepton sent us this fantastic review: The retreat was amazing! Isn’t that what everyone expects me to say? Critics of retreats and events are either totally enamoured by what they experienced or completely disappointed and let down. Well I’m on the A-plus bus for this event. If you were a sceptic and thought that opening up your blockages – of the creative kind – through some mumbo-jumbo stretching and meditation was all hoodoo hogwash, you’d literally be eating your words after a session with Noelle Harrison and Vanessa Rigby. They opened us all up and we were a diverse bunch. A keen and eager class of quiet and retired types, confident and vociferous types intermingled with the “I can do the yoga … Continue reading Into the Light Creative Writing Yoga Retreat – A Review