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Issue One of No Parties Magazine Out Now!

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Issue One of No Parties magazine – Work – is on sale now: https://nopartiesmagazine.com/shop

No Parties magazine intends to publish the world’s leading writers. We have achieved this in issue one and we will continue to do so.

We have selected stories that challenge and captivate. From office work to seashores to fast food outlets to sex work to an apocalyptic Thatcherite Scotland, we have investigated work to its fullest. We have meaningful essays that challenge how Trans writers are treated to issues of White saviourism in South America. We are very proud of this issue.

We want to make No Parties a home for writing that is powerful, urgent, and dangerous, but also thoughtful, provocative, and intense. In short, we want to publish the best fiction and non-fiction that we can find.

No Parties is brought to you by Brian Ward and Mark Corcoran. Brian has specialised in periodical culture in the past, publishing a number of articles, reviews and a monograph on the subject. He currently works as an editor in London. Mark is a writer from Tipperary. After teaching English Literature at NUI Galway, his focus is on writing fiction. He has completed the MA in Creative Writing at Trinity College Dublin. As well as writing short stories, he is working on a novel. His most recent publications have appeared in The Cormorant and Irish Literature in Transition, 1780-1830.

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