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It’s Your V-Fiction!

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Derek Flynn

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This week, I want to showcase your writing in a piece of V-Fiction.

In recent weeks on the Songbook blog, I’ve been discussing V-Fiction. V-Fiction is the merging of writing, music and video. If you missed the previous pieces I posted, you can see them here and here.

The idea with V-Fiction is – not only is it a novel new way of approaching these three disciplines – but it’s also a great way of hooking your potential audience. In a culture that is constantly moving at a faster pace, people’s attention spans have gotten shorter. Also, more and more people are using the internet as a way of marketing. It’s what writer Warren Ellis calls “Burst Culture”, short bursts of music, video or fiction. The two-minute movie trailer; the short bursts of the ever-more popular “flash fiction”. V-Fiction fits this niche perfectly.

Another popular thing amongst writers on the internet at the moment is something called “Six Sentence Sunday”. This is where writers post six sentences from their novel of short story, as kind of “teaser”. V-Fiction could be thought of in the same way, but with the added advantage of music and video to captivate the viewer. The fact is, while someone may not always want to read something on the internet, they will more often than not, watch a video, especially if it is short.

This week on Songbook I’m going to try something different. I’m offering writers out there the chance to have a short extract of their work featured in a V-Fiction piece. Send me a few lines from your novel, short story or poem (try to pick a part that will get the reader intrigued and leave them wanting more). Read it aloud and try to ensure that it’s only roughly a minute long. I’ll pick one of the pieces and add video and music to it and post it here on the Songbook blog. If you’re interested, email your piece to me at submissions@writing.ie

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