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Kipling Society John McGivering Poetry Prize 2021

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Kate Dempsey

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Kipling Society John McGivering Poetry Prize 2021: Poems of Travel

The Kipling Society is hosting a competition,  funded by the generosity of the late John McGivering, for poems inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s writings on the theme of travel. The judge is  Harry Ricketts the poet, critic, anthologist and biographer of Kipling.

Rudyard Kipling, a magical phrase maker, was a great traveller who all his life loved to be ‘moving out on the long trail – the trail that is always new.’  He wrote some of his finest poems about travel —  the dangerous icebergs of the ‘Rio run’,  the Southern Cross and companion stars ‘that blaze in the velvet blue,’ and his beloved North India:

Parrots very busy in the trellised paper-vine,

And a high sun over Asia shouting “Rise and shine!”

In this prize competition, we ask poets to write about the delights, surprises and occasional hardships of travel, drawing inspiration from  Kipling’s  fascination with people and places.

First Prize £350, Second Prize £100, Third Prize £50. Entry fee £5, payable through Paypal.  Competition opens 1st March 2021 and closes 1st May.  For rules  and entry form, visit www.kiplingsociety.co.uk. For queries, write to KSwritingprize@gmail.com

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