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Let the landscape speak!

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This week’s Wordspark is inspired by the fact that I’m sitting inside reading short stories, fire stoked, pausing now and again to watch the landscape drown in lashing rain.

Let landscape inspire your writing
This speaks to me – what does your landscape say to/about you?

One of the joys of moving from a city to the countryside has been the access to rugged coasts, tumbling hills and vast skies. From my window I can see farm fields, rocky outcrops, and the Atlantic. At night, the Fastnet Lighthouse blinks in every seven seconds. It’s not at all annoying like you might expect and stopping just to count the flashes can be mesmerizing (a bit like the ‘zazen’ mentioned in Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being).

Not everyone lives rurally, and not everyone would want to, but whatever your surrounding landscape, there’s beauty/intrigue/secrets to be found.

For this week’s Wordspark, write a piece of flash fiction (it can be a short poem if you prefer) of up to 200 words, inspired by your immediate landscape. It could be a conversation between the two of you, an observation of something happening, a historical piece – let your landscape shape your thoughts and lead you somewhere wonderful.

As always, I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Happy writing!


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