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Live Canon Poetry Competitions

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Kate Dempsey

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Live Canon are a London-based company, who have been publishing, performing, and celebrating poetry for fourteen years. We are pleased to announce that the following three competitions are open for entrants from anywhere in the world:

1) Live Canon 2021 Collection Competition

We consider a collection to be 35+ poems, but if the poems are particularly long (or short) please use your judgment. A collection is generally over 40 A5 pages. Closes 14th May 2021. £12 entry fee. Three winners will receive a publication contract with Live Canon.* For more details head to livecanon.co.uk.

2) Live Canon 2021 International Poetry Competition

For poems of any length. Closes 21st May 2021. Entry fee is dependent on the number of poems submitted, from £6.50 for a single poem. Top prize is £1,000, and 50 longlisted poems will be published in our annual anthology.  For more details head to livecanon.co.uk.

3) Live Canon 2021 Pamphlet Competition

This is a competition for pamphlets of between 18 and 35 poems. (This is based on average length poems – if your poems are much longer or shorter, please use your judgment and feel free to submit more or less.) Closes 9th April 2021. Entry fee is £10. Three winners will receive a publication contract with Live Canon.* For more details head to livecanon.co.uk.

*For the pamphlet/collection competition, we enter into a subsequent publishing agreement with the winning authors, once they have been selected. This is a fairly standard industry contract, which we check both parties are happy with and then both sign. This contract gives exclusive permission to Live Canon to publish the book, worldwide for five years. If you’d like to see a sample contract please contact us through our website livecanon.co.uk.

Writing.ie: It’s vital to take advice on any publishing contract before signing. The Society of Authors offers contract advice and negotiation to all members, we would urge you to join, for the many benefits, not least their contracts team! In Ireland, the Irish Writers Union offers a similar serice, advocating for authors, click to check out their services.

  • allianceindependentauthors.org
  • www.designforwriters.com

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