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Media-Melt Multi-Media Storytelling Platform Launched

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The Memory Machine written, produced and published by professional Playologist, storyteller and creator of MagiQuest, Denise Weston Chapman, tells the epic story of a family brought together across generations and is the launch title of Media-Melt – an entrepreneurial collaboration to celebrate the collision of technology, storytelling and interactive experiences.

Media-Melt promises to deliver pioneering stories for a generation raised on multi-platform digital storytelling (that’s us!!)

The Memory Machine is a multi-media story about a nonverbal, autistic boy and his grandfather suffering from Alzheimer’s who build a fantastical machine on the family farm in the hopes of bringing back lost memories. Using a digital device and Media-melt technology the story world comes to life literary and literarily, in your hands.

The Memory Machine is a beautifully engrossing page-turner that warms your heart as you discover websites and comic books that spiral around it’s core”, said Alison Norrington, CEO & Founder, storycentral.

The Memory Machine is a fully integrated, multimedia experience that will combine multiple “narratives” simultaneously unfolding a story through the use of today’s latest interactive ebooks. The layers of media and alternate forms of storytelling, such as animation and illustration, are not reactive but used as creative tools of expression in creating The Memory Machine world and characters.

Created and told from two completely different perspectives ‘book’ transforms multiple mediums into interactive, immersive experiences. The voice of 18 year old Anna is told using narrative, web-links and images while simultaneously layering in the nonverbal, autistic “voice” of Blue through his 230 page illustrated journal, animations and 8mm camera lens. The storytelling reaches across comic book, illustrated journal, embedded audio and video, images, hyperlinks to satellite websites that continue the story, with relevant, discoverable and rich content.

In a model that amplifies current publishing YA trends from publishers such as Scholastic and Penguin, Media-Melt hopes to reach out to the digitally savvy communities and young adults readers.

Denise Chapman Weston has also embedded opportunities for the reader to add to the storyworld by engaging in experiences, posts, and contest on websites and social media. She explains, “I wanted to follow the truths and traditions of great storytelling while integrating the new way young adults engage in stories by emotionally connecting—not only with words—but video, audio, animation, comic books, web links and personalization of the community.”

Additional titles are scheduled for 2015.

For more information about Media-Melt, click here!

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