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More Irish Poetry Publications

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Kate Dempsey

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Some more Irish Publications which publish poetry.

Here is part 2 of a partial list of publications in Ireland that take poetry. There are quite a few. If you know some I’ve missed some between this and part 1, please let me know….

I say again, I recommend buying and reading a copy of any magazine you are considering sending out to. Not only to judge if your poetry is a good fit, but also to help these journals keep their heads above the financial waters. I also say again, read the submission guidelines and adhere to them like superglue!

Boyne Berries is published twice a year by the Boyne Writers group with help from the Meath County Council Arts department. A great mix of poetry and prose. Current deadline is mid July for September issue.

Moloch – an online journal of new art and writing, providing a forum for the arts to compliment and enhance each other using a variety of styles and mediums.Superb artwork and a mix of poetry and prose. It’s at online mag though.

The Moth Magazine – my new favourite. Highly recommended. It’s Cavan based but publishes writers on an international basis and well distributed. Seriously, one to watch. Publishes poetry, short prose, interviews and some lovely art.

The Poetry Bus is a new magazine, based in Wicklow now on issue 2 including a CD of the poets reading their work. Also has some classy art work.

Revival is a Limerick based magazine from the Whitehouse Poets. They have little online presence so watch out for calls for submissions at the Poetry Ireland website under submissions.

The Stony Thursday Book is Limerick based magazine who have published a plethora of writers in its long history. They are looking for submissions. They don’t seem to have a web presence so here’s the details. Send no more than 6 poems by post (google it) or by email to artsoffice@limerickcity.ie. Current deadline is 12th August.

Note: Just like rain, literary magazines, Irish or otherwise, come and they go. There are other mags out there but check first if they are still running before purchasing or submitting. There are a lot of dead links out there or ones last updated in 2009. This list is the stalwarts (my take, anyway)

Here’s a marvellous list of Irish and British magazines maintained by the praise-worthy writer, Tania Hershman.

  • allianceindependentauthors.org
  • www.designforwriters.com

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