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This winter has been long and cold and it shows no sign of stopping, even though we’re a few months into spring. Any other year, I would my early garlic, potatoes and onions showing but we haven’t even got them in the ground yet and I’m missing the earthiness of growing vegetables.

ERMurray Book of RevengeI’m usually always motivated but this winter and weather is definitely taking its toll and for the last few weeks it has been impossible to write creatively, only freelance, media, interviews and pitches. Partly because of launching The Book of Revenge – Nine Lives Trilogy 3, partly because of being trapped in the snow and the ensuing snow damage (think blocked pipes, racked pipes and a written-off car), and partly because my laptop finally had to be replaced and I’ve been transferring files and updating programmes etc.

I hate routine but I hate setting up computers, unblocking pipes and being cold even more. To be honest, If I could do anything right now I’d curl up in bed for three days with a pile of books and not surface until I had them read. However, work demands otherwise. So just in case, like me, you need a boost, I’ve rounded up a few things of interest from the internet that may inspire you.

Have you spotted something else you find inspiring? Please add to the comments below so we can all get out of this winter slump and escape hibernation mode! Happy reading, happy writing! 

  • The Dark Room by Sam Blake
  • www.designforwriters.com

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