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New Font Makes Reading Easier for Dyslexics

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A new typeface, Dyslexie, is a revolutionary font, designed to simplify life for those who have dyslexia. With a heavy base line, alternating stick/tail lengths, larger-than-normal openings, and a semi-cursive slant, the dyslexia font ensures that each character has a unique form. Developed by  Dutch designer Christian Boer, Dezeen Magazine explain Boer’s design:

In Boer’s typeface, the letters are designed with heavier bottom portions to prevent the reader’s mind from turning them upside down.

Lengthened ascenders and descenders – the portions of the characters that stretch beyond the two main horizontal guides – also makes them easier to tell apart.

Letters that usually appear similar are subtly italicised and have added tails where possible, so they no longer look alike and pose less risk of the reader mirroring them.

Boer has also added larger spaces between letters and words, as well as bold capitals and punctuation marks so the start and end of sentences can be better differentiated

Traditional fonts are designed solely from an aesthetic point of view, which means they often have characteristics that make characters difficult to recognise for people with dyslexia. Often, the letters of a word are confused, turned around or jumbled up because they look too similar.

When reading a text in the dyslexia font, people with dyslexia have a lot less trouble and fewer errors are made. Steadily, the font Dyslexie has acquired a large number of enthusiastic users, both private and business. Reading is faster, easier and above all more enjoyable.

The dyslexia font is primarily a functional font, but the importance of aesthetics has also been taken into account. The dyslexia font is therefore the perfect combination of form and function: optimal reading comfort with a great look.
Representative research among many dyslexics has shown that the font actually helps them to read texts faster and with fewer errors. The positive results of Dyslexie font have also been confirmed by independent research, conducted by scientists at the University of Twente and the University of Amsterdam. Read more about the researches here.

The font can be downloaded from the Dyslexie website http://www.dyslexiefont.com/en/dyslexia-font/ and installed on your laptop or desktop where it can be used in all Office applications. Your computer can also be set to display websites in the Dyslexie font, replacing fonts like Times New Roman that present difficulties for dyslexics. Free manuals on the Dyslexie website (at the link below), explain how to do this.

Test out the font here.


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