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Paramount Pictures acquires film rights for The Chain!!

Article by Louise Phillips © 4 July 2019.
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Irish author, Adrian McKinty, will appear as part of Murder One Festival (http://www.murderone.ie/tag/adrian-mckinty/) in Dublin on the 23rd July 2019, where he’ll be interviewed by Steve Cavanagh.

McKinty’s lastest news is however a great ‘rags to riches’ story!

Paramount Pictures has acquired the screen rights to McKinty’s latest novel The Chain in a deal that will generate a guaranteed low-seven-figure payday for the author.

The Chain tells the story of Rachel, whose 11-year-old daughter is kidnapped, and the only way she can get her back, is to kidnap another child. Her daughter will be released only when that next victim’s parents kidnap another child. If Rachel doesn’t kidnap another child, or if that child’s parents don’t kidnap a child, her daughter will be killed. She is now part of The Chain, a terrifying and meticulous chain letter-like kidnapping scheme that turns parents from victims into criminals.


The book tells Rachel’s harrowing story as a victim, survivor, abductor and criminal. What the masterminds behind The Chain know is that parents will do anything for their children, however, what they don’t know is that Rachel is both smart and tough enough to attempt to beat them, having survived cancer, she is now determined to break The Chain while getting her daughter back.


This is an amazing turn of events for the Irish Crime Author, who up to this point was doing odd jobs from construction to picking up fares as an Uber driver to support his family.  He had reached out to writer Don Winslow in the past, both as a fan, but also to express his frustration that as a writer, McKinty wasn’t yet able to support his family financially. Winslow, urged McKinty not to give up. He referred him to Salerno, who with tough negotiating and brash marketing campaigns helped Winslow become a perennial bestselling author with several seven-figure movie and TV deals under his belt.  Together, Salerno and  Winslow, convinced McKinty to give it one more try, and that book turned out to be The Chain.

The Chain was acquired by Little Brown/Mulholland in another pre-emptive deal, and it became a hot book at Frankfurt that has been sold in 35 countries. It is getting strong reviews and has drawn supportive quotes from authors that include Stephen King and Dennis Lehane.

McKinty in a statement said – “My story is a story of never giving up. It’s a story about writers helping fellow writers. I hope it inspires other writers who may be thinking about quitting, to never give up. I never imagined any of this could happen, but I hoped it would. I had hope. I am so grateful, and I hope my story inspires others.”

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LOUISE PHILLIPS is the author of four bestselling psychological crime thrillers. Her debut novel RED RIBBONS, and her subsequent novels, THE DOLL’S HOUSE, LAST KISS and THE GAME CHANGER, were each nominated for Best Irish Crime Novel of the Year. She won the award in 2013. Louise’s work has formed part of many literary anthologies, and she has won both the Jonathan Swift Award and the Irish Writers’ Centre Lonely Voice platform, along with being shortlisted for the Molly Keane Memorial Award, Bridport UK, and many others. In 2015, she was awarded a writing residency at Cill Rialaig Artist retreat and she was also a judge on the Irish panel for the EU Literary Award. In 2016, she was longlisted for the prestigious CWA Dagger in the Library Award, and her first two novels, RED RIBBONS and THE DOLL'S HOUSE, were published in the US. She has recently been awarded an Arts Bursary for Literature from the Arts Council of Ireland, and her latest novel, THE HIDING GAME, will be published on September 5th 2019. Louise Phillips is the crime writing mastermind behind writing.ie's Crime Scene blog.