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Postcard Prompt (1)

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Postcards are a great stimulus for writers. Just ask Michael Kimball! The image or destination on the front can inspire a setting or story –but the message on the back or the journey the postcard has made can be just as exciting. Who bought it? Why? What was their message? Did the postcard ever make it to the intended recipient? What happened to the postcard along the way? Who touched it? Did the postman read it?

Last year, I gathered a range of postcards to use as an alternative wedding guest book: I placed them on the table and let people choose their favourite to write their wedding blessing on. As you can imagine, I have a stack left over – so I thought, why not put them to good use?

Throughout the year, I’ll be posting postcard prompts for you to use to inspire a piece. This week, write a piece of flash fiction of less than 200 words, inspired by the postcard shown.

I’d love you to see what you came up with. So don’t be shy, post your work as a comment below. I’ll write my favourite response onto the postcard and post it on Wordspark as a thank you!

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