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Derek Flynn

The first two novels in my “Random Summer Reads” are technically already on sale, but they’re included here because you may not have gotten your hands on them yet, and because they’re written by two excellent writers.

Soldier Sailor – Claire Kilroy (4 May 2023)

Ten years ago, Claire Kilroy took on the Celtic Tiger and the recession; now she’s back with a new novel that explores “the clash of fierce love for a new life with a seismic change in identity … As she smiles at her baby, Sailor, while mentally composing her own suicide note, an old friend makes a welcome return, but can he really offer a lifeline to the woman she used to be?”

The Happy Couple – Naoise Dolan (25 May 2023)

Naoise Dolan’s new novel looks at five members of a wedding party, and how their lives intersect as the big day approaches, in what Colm Toibin calls, “A brilliant contemporary novel”.

My Murder – Katie Williams (6 June 2023)

“Lou is the victim of a local serial killer, recently brought back to life and returned to her grieving family by a government project. But … disturbing questions remain about what exactly preceded her death and how much she can really trust those around her … Darkly comic, tautly paced, and full of surprises, MY MURDER is a devour-in-one-sitting, clever twist on the classic thriller.”

The Bee Sting – Paul Murray (8 June 2023)

“A tragicomic tour de force about family, fortune, and the struggle to be a good person when the world is falling apart …” Mark O’Connell calls it, “A remarkable feat of storytelling.”

Bridge – Lauren Beukes (17 Aug 2023)

The author of SHINING GIRLS returns with the story of Jo, who discovers a big secret that her late scientist mother left behind.  “A dazzlingly inventive speculative thriller … for fans of RUSSIAN DOLL, STRANGER THINGS, EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, ALL AT ONCE.”

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